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5 ways marijuana positively affects our brain

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Marijuana is found to be good for our minds. Before it was assumed that pot kills brain cells; as a result, they lose motivation to work and become lazy. But these are not true. Today, marijuana is said to have positive effects on the brain. Here are some ways marijuana can have positive brain effects.

It promotes neurogenesis

According to research, marijuana or the cannabinoids cause new brain cells to grow through a process called neurogenesis. It can help in treating mood disorders.

It helps to fight Alzheimer’s disease

Alzheimer’s is a terrible disease. It not only affects your life but also the lives of the people surrounding you. Marijuana can improve sleep, and it can overcome hallucinations as well. It cleans away the beta-amyloid which is the primary reason for Alzheimer’s disease.

It prevents brain damage

Marijuana can protect your brain against damage from trauma. It also protects the cognitive function nd the vital processes against stroke and injuries.

It can fight brain cancer

According to the pharmaceutical industry, cannabis can fight cancer. It can be used to treat appetite loss and nausea. It has positive effects on cancer too.

Prevents alcohol damage to the brain

Marijuana can reduce the ethanol-induced cell death in the brain. Smoking weed is one of the best treatments for protecting the brain from the devastating effects of long-term alcohol abuse.

Marijuana has been known to influence musicians, artists, writers, and others with their creative thinking processes. People who smoke marijuana score more in creative reasoning tests. So, marijuana positively affects the functionality of our brain.

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Top 4 advocates for marijuana in the music world   

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Days are coming when you can smoke weed openly on the street without cops harassing you. A popular Tacoma marijuana store has seen exponential growth in Washington due to recreational legalization.  Colorado and Washington are the only two places in the world which have a regulated system for pot sales to adults more than 21 years of age. Medical marijuana sales are common in the U.S. now. In the past, the musicians have been shy about smoking weed. But now they are announcing about the habit in public. Here are top 4 advocates of marijuana in the music world.


Sting is a philanthropist and author of many soft rock classics. Sting has spoken about the consumption of marijuana and supports the notion that people who need medical marijuana can treat various diseases.

Melissa Etheridge

She helped in the medical marijuana approval in New York State. She mostly speaks about medical marijuana. According to her, medical marijuana is good stuff so people must be allowed to buy it without breaking the law.

Jack Black

He is a musician and a comedian. He wrote many funny pot songs showing his support of the drug.  He was part of the advisory board for the Marijuana Policy Project.

Alanis Morissette

She is a supporter of weed and has mentioned in her interviews how pot can positively influence creativity. Many of her music were inspired from smoking weed. She mentioned that marijuana helps her in writing songs.

These musicians have declared their habit of smoking weed public. They support the fact that medical marijuana is very helpful and weed can help in creative activities.

5 music genres that have been affected by marijuana

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Marijuana can bridge the gaps between languages, beliefs, cultures, traditions and music genres. Different styles of music appeal to different people, but one thing that remains common is marijuana. You will find a citation of marijuana in lyrics, and you will even see singers with marijuana at the concerts. Here are some popular music genres that have been influenced by marijuana.


Country music is often associated with drinking beer or whiskey. Now weed references are also made in country music. Many famous country singers smoke marijuana.


Electronica came into the modern form in 1980. It has a close relationship with mind altering things. Many electronica artists like ASAP Rocky and Daft Punk are known to smoke weed. The lyrics of electronica music have reference to weeds.


The folk music relationship with marijuana was prevalent in the 70s. The folk artists were not ashamed to reveal their dependence on weed. There is even a popular folk song called ‘Marijuana.’

Hip Hop

Hip hop artists are among the most who smoke marijuana. Snoop Dogg, Wiz Khalifa, and others can be named. Wiz Khalifa even has his line of rolling papers. Lil’ Wayne has a song named ‘Pussy Money Weed.’ Hip hop has a very close connection to marijuana.


In the 19th century, the jazz music was used as a means to illustrate the dangers associated with marijuana. A country where racism and ignorance were the norms, jazz musicians used to paint a portrait of over sexualized maniacs. But the jazz musicians were not responsible for making marijuana illegal. Like other people, these musicians used to smoke weed. Jazz musician Louis Armstrong released a song named ‘Muggles’ which is a slang term for marijuana.

Marijuana has been a part of the musicians of many genres from very early years. They smoke weed for encouragement, energy, and creativity. In many parts of the world, smoking weed is legal. It is now very common for musicians to smoke weed; it inspires their music to a great extent.

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Many musicians have mentioned marijuana as an important element to their creative process. Louie Armstrong was the first musician who made his use of marijuana public. Many musicians today consider marijuana as their friend and drive to create something new.