The Legalization of Cannabis in California


It is 2018 and yet the fever of the Legalization of Cannabis in California is in full force. Cannabis as a weed has divergent purposes and as of now, this weed being legalized is blooming at the global market.

As per the reports, California has started the sales of legal recreational marijuana in 2018 and has many more things in the bag for their customers. In the midst of such thing, users mind is filled with a whole bunch of questions whose answers are yet to be found.

Hence with an intention to shed some light on the legalization of Cannabis in California, here is detailed information on how the whole system will work and which rules people will need to follow:
How old will you have to be and do you need to be a resident of California?

Anyone who is above the age of 21 can buy and even consume marijuana. Following the success of marijuana legalization in cities like Seattle, WA, recreational users are now able to find a dispensary near me with a quick Google search. In terms of the residency issue, it doesn’t matter whether you are a resident of California or not, you can either buy or consume marijuana based on your needs and thirst. However, the type of marijuana which will be sold will be the “recreational marijuana” and not “medical Marijuana” which of course will need doctor’s recommendation.

In terms of the store’s safety, they must keep the youngsters away from the premises and these marijuana’s must be sold in child-resistant containers. With this, they will be able to prevent small youngsters ingesting marijuana and later on harming themselves in the long run.

How much can you buy after the Legalization of Cannabis in California?

This is probably one of the essential questions every marijuana buyer must have in their mind. Talking about the quantity, you can buy up to one ounce i.e. 29.5 grams of Marijuana straight from a licensed store for your personal use only. This limitation is given as per the law and you can have only one ounce at a time. As a result, you can buy only one more after you use the previous one or even through it away.

In addition, the law permits people to grow up to 6 plants of marijuana at a time solely for Personal use.

Will this be more sort of a College experience?

To be honest, probably not. If we talk about the present date marijuana, it is far more potent than the ones which were grown years ago. Also, edibles, hash dabs, and oil dabs force you to consume them far too often which can create severe issues in the later stages of life.
Based on the studies, people who smoke Marijuana probably use smaller portions at first use. Edibles do take a longer amount of time than Smoked marijuana which is the reason for their decrease in sales even for personal uses.

Where can you consume it?

Well, there are not a lot of places where you can consume Marijuana. California has enforced strict anti-tobacco laws all over the place. In such limitations, there are small places where people can smoke including workspace, private home or even public places.
The Anti-Smoking laws are one of the biggest reasons for the popularity of Marijuana Products whose sales have increased considerably over the past few years. With an intention to see such items as healthier, they can pose some serious damages if consumed more above the limit.

Can you take it Home?

Not at all. The Airport TSA Agents may not look for drugs very often but if they find Marijuana in your bag, they will call the local police and you will probably land in some serious issue.
In various legal states, airports provide you with trash cans where you can dump marijuana as carrying them in your journey is covered under an illegal offense.
Final Words
With the Legalization of Cannabis in California, people are finding it a lot easier to either relax oneself or use it for some other recreational purposes. If you are the one who is going to buy marijuana, going through the above article will surely help you to clear your doubts and let you buy this magical weed with utmost safety and satisfaction.

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